Cinnamon Honey Powder 4,2 oz (119 gr) - SoulBee
Cinnamon Honey Powder 4,2 oz (119 gr) - SoulBee
Cinnamon Honey Powder 4,2 oz (119 gr) - SoulBee

Cinnamon Honey Powder 4,2 oz (119 gr)

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SoulBee Cinnamon Honey Powder is the best option if you like to sweeten your dishes and drinks at home with the most natural and traditional way. Our powder is made with natural honey and cinnamon which can be used as a sweetener or as flavoring for your food and drinks in a unique way. It’s better than using common refined sugar, cane sugar, stevia and all kind of artificial sweeteners. In powder form, the consistency is much easier to maintain.

What are the health benefits of it?

  1. Is good for boosting the immune system.

  2. Used for treating colds and influenza.

  3. Cancer Management and Prevention.

  4. Itching, consider as an anti-inflammatory substance often used to treat insect bites.

  5. Digestion, helps to increase the health and functionality of the digestive system. Remove gas from the stomach & flatulence excess.

  6. Arthritis

  7. Skin Care, helps to minor skin infections and pimples.

  8. Hair Care, reducing hair loss

  9. Dental Care, reducing bad breath and toothaches.

  10. Heart Disorders, helps to control and reduce the bad cholesterol.

  11. Weight loss

Perfect for:

  • Hot and cold drinks

    • Coffee & Tea

    • Smoothie

    • Shake

    • Lemonade

    • Fruit drink

  • Baking and cooking

    • Cakes and cookies

    • Bread

    • To caramelize food

    • Ice creams

  • Added in

    • Yogurt

    • Oatmeal

    • Cereals or mueslis

    • On seeds and nuts before roasting

Honey Powder and Cinnamon contains no artificial additives and provides the flavor characteristics of toasted, cereal honey taste. The moisture content has been reduced to less than 1.5%, resulting in an easy to handle product with an excellent shelf-life.


  • Gluten Free

  • Non-GMO

  • Kosher

  • Vegetarian

  • Healthy

  • Natural

  • Power

  • Soy Free

  • Peanut Free

  • Lactose & derivatives Free

  • Fish Free

  • Shellfish Free

  • Egg Free

  • Tree Nuts Free

  • Great Solubility

  • Sulfites >10ppm


Honey, Cinnamon, NON-GMO Maltodextrin

 How to use it

May be used as a 1 to 1 replacement for liquid honey. Typical usage is to add the Honey Powder with the other dry ingredients and, if needed, add additional water with other liquid ingredients. When reconstituting, add 1⁄2 lb of water per pound of honey used. This product is not intended for infants under the age of one year.

Don't Forget

SoulBee is honey and that means that it keeps the same health benefits as liquid honey including natural vitamins and anti-oxidants as well as alleviating some allergies.

Note: Add a cup of powdered honey plus ¼ cup of water If the recipe calls for a cup of liquid honey.


Recommend storage at normal room temperature (65°-75°F) away from excess heat and humidity. Recommend stacking product no more than two pallets high.

Recommended shelf life (unopened, at normal room temperature) 18 months.