The remedy of honey and lemon is ideal and beneficial in case of pain or sore throat. Discover how to easily get home and enjoy its most interesting benefits.

Every year, with the autumn's beginning and the arrival of the change of season, it is very common that they beginning of cases of cracks and colds, fundamentally for something very simple: Causing viruses Of both diseases survive best during colder times. To this we must add that, generally, the change of season usually weakens our defenses, so that the cold and the excessive humidity deviate the changes of temperature that we usually suffer as a result of the heater or the radiator that has at home or at work, which we keep active before going outside.

When it comes to preventing the contagion of the complaint, it is appropriate and convenient to maintain some recommended health and hygiene habits, such as: follow a varied and balanced diet rich in fresh and natural foods, wash your hands regularly, especially when sneezing or coughing on them or when you go to a corner, precisely if you cough or sneeze always do covering your mouth and nose, adequately ventilate rooms and common spaces, practice regular exercise and If you use disposable tissues in A plastic bag to throw them away in the trash.

In addition to increasing the defenses naturally, to strengthen our immune system, there are specific remedies that can be of great help. In recent years the habit of drinking lukewarm water with fasting lemon with honey has become very popular, a remedy that is ideal even for cold swords, because of its antiviral and antibacterial action. It is also known the remedy of honey and lemon, an option advised in a traditional way to relieve both throat infection and itching. Some time ago on how to make a syrup of honey and lemon. On this occasion we want to discover how to make the most traditional, syrup-free remedy.


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