What do we do?

SoulBee Honey specializes in bringing honey based products as natural sugar replacement to the marketplace.

A one-stop company designed to provide high-quality and authentic honey powders which promote a healthy way to sweeten up every drink and meal.

Who we are

SoulBee Honey started from a strong desire and determination to improve the quality of health and wellness of people by offering a great sugar alternative and healthier sweetener option for their meal.

We appeals to men and women who desire a better and holistic nutritional lifestyle.


Since our inception, SoulBee Honey has evolved from humble beginnings to become a strong competitor dedicated to bringing the best sugar alternative to USA consumers.

We are passionate about meeting growing demands from consumers while we take pride in our premium quality products and outstanding customers service

About our products

At SoulBee Honey, we offer different types of honey powder products made from pure & natural honey with low sugar concentrate. For our formulation we don't use ingredients like cane sugar, fructose or syrup.

Apart from adding fantastic taste and aroma like liquid honey to your food and drink, our honey powders are also gluten-free, kosher certified and has absolutely no aftertaste.

One of the greatest value is that, since our products are all in powder form, you won’t have to worry about a sticky mess in your kitchen anymore, making every single spoon more cost efficient.

Ensuring the uncompromising standard of our products, SoulBee Honey partners with highly trusted and reliable farms in the USA to constantly provide the best honey powders beautifully packaged and ready to order at very affordable prices. 


To enhance and encourage a healthy nutritional lifestyle by replacing artificial sweeteners and regular sugars with natural sweeteners that taste and smell better, uncomplicated, more efficient and last longer in the kitchen.

We strive to continuously change the face of the market


We believe that our core culture is what makes us successful. As a brand focusing on spearheading the industry, we strive to maintain the highest standard of integrity, honesty, authenticity, and absolute respect for our customers.

Our team brings compassion, passion, and creativity to everything they do.



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